American, Senior, & Children’s Dishes

Add breaded prawns for $1.00 each

Hamburger Steak with sauteed onions & mushrooms, fries, and salad


Chicken Strips with fries and salad


Cheeseburger with fries


Bacon Cheeseburger with fries


Double Cheeseburger with fries


Grilled Cheese Sandwich with fries


Seniors and Children

Seniors over 60. Children under 12.

Enchilada, Rice and Beans


Taco, Rice and Beans


Nachos (chips with melted cheddar cheese)

$7.95 (add meat $8.95)

Fajitas (chicken or steak) with Rice, Beans and tortillas


Tostada, Rice and Beans


Burrito, Rice and Beans


Quesadilla (meat and cheese) with Rice and Beans


Chicken Nuggets and Fries


Grilled Cheese and Fries