Carmelita July 20, 2022

awesome foodI

"as we came back into the states from Canada, I told my husband lets stop at this Mexican place and check it out; I said I most likely will not like it cause Montana don't have good Mexican. I was blown away the food was excellent .....I told the waiter I live 2hrs south of here but if ever I want Mexican I'll drive up cause this is so good. "
Travis Lister May 23, 2022

I love Casa Mexico!

"I love Casa Mexico!! Everything is excellent! Service, food, atmosphere, hospitality. I eat there often. Never had a bad experience. Price is nice too."
Rick Laycock May 23, 2022

terrific atmosphere

"Casa is a great family oriented restaurant. It's has a terrific atmosphere that makes you feel like your at home there. Service is always great and the food is delicious. Generous portions of tasty food that doesn't break the bank. It also has a full bar and casino if that is your style. 10/10 every time."
brandon cramer May 23, 2022

Very good

"Very good dinner. Had the street tacos and they were larger than I expected. It also came with rice and beans which I did not expect, so I had way more food than I could eat. The chicken was very tasty and juicy. The carne asada was a little dry, but very tasty still."
Richard Orona May 23, 2022


"Everything here was amazing. Food, drinks, and the best server I've ever had...loved it all. Thank you for such an amazing experience."
Sheri Glaspey May 23, 2022

Great staff

"Great staff! Always upbeat and on top of things. Love the chimichanga and good margaritas!"